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pumpkin centerpiece.

Thanksgiving is around the corner! Here’s a quick way to add some homemade to your Thanksgiving table.

I’ve been wanting to create a felt succulent pumpkin, but I hadn’t found the right pumpkin until now! It’s the perfect size, shape, and material. I was so disappointed in the foam/plastic variations I’ve seen over the years, and I didn’t want to use a real pumpkin for this particular craft because the felt would outlive the pumpkin.

Materials: pumpkin vessel, felt succulents, felt for succulent bottoms cut into circles, wire cut into 6″ strips with a coil at one end, mixed berries, fabric scissors, wire cutters, pliers, floral foam or similar

I can’t get over the pumpkin shape! I found my container at Joann; I almost bought a whole fleet. The berries were from Joann, too, and I made the felt succulents using wool blend felt (cut a bunch of ‘petal’ shapes and glue them to each other one petal at a time until you get your preferred succulent size and look).

To assist with standing in the vessel, I created stems for each of the larger succulents. Cut out succulent bottoms and snip a tiny hole in the center. Insert floral wire and sandwich the coil between the bottom of the succulent and the succulent bottom. Glue. Trim any excess felt that you don’t want to show.

Instead of floral foam I used a roll of crepe paper streamers for my base. Craft hack! I’m not fond of the mess that floral foam creates, and I already had a few rolls in my craft stash, so this worked out.

Trim or bend wire to get your desired height and begin to place the stems in the crepe paper roll. For the smaller succulents, I glued those onto the rim of the vessel for a little extra coverage.

Tahdah! A pumpkin succulent that will last a lifetime!

What are some of your favorite ways to decorate your Thanksgiving table? Share below.

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