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my florist friends. 

My Crafty Lady Crew is the best and with their powers combined they created beautiful things for our wedding, including all of the reception floral decor. Dreamy… Before the wedding I met with our lead florist – our friend Kristin. (She also sets up the best magazine-worthy meal spreads.) When we were looking at flowers, we discovered we had the same taste, or should I say smell, for flowers. We both like the flowers that either smell like nothing or are on the sweeter side. Anything too fragrant, like roses, and lilies (especially lilies!) smell like death to us. Long story short, I knew I would be happy with Kristin’s floral selection because they wouldn’t smell like anything! Visually, I wanted whites, greens, and soft pinks in our centerpieces. Kristin shopped around for some stems at local farmers markets, but she also gathered some lovelies from her garden! We used Ball mason jars plus old mini yogurt glassware with offwhite ribbon and handmade-by-Kristin ceramic hearts on cord. And just look at how these beauties turned out. They completed my tablescape dreams. …

put a bow on it.

Or was it a bird? All the bridesladies received a handmade something so we wanted the groomspeeps to have a handmade something, too. We decided on bow ties. I found a step by step tutorial on Tie a Tie which I mostly followed. The template was most useful, but it did require a few adjustments. I ended up adding half an inch to each bow tie for a better fit. Also, the suggested interfacing was too firm and thick for bow tie purposes; I purchased a much thinner interfacing after one tough attempt at inverting the first bow tie. After a few hours of cutting, ironing, and sewing, we had a set of bows for the entire groomsbunch. The groomspeeps each wore a blush pink bow and my groom wore a dark blue with white dot bow, chosen because “it looks like sparkles.” Now I can make custom bow ties for Hubs to match all the outfits! Have you tried your hand at creating your own accessories? Share below!

minimoon adventures: sunset.

What’s just as lovely as sunrise? Sunset! Pick a spot on the east-ish part of Lake Tahoe for beautiful sunset views, and always pack a blanket and mat for instant warmth and seating.😊 For Sunset #1 we headed to Lakeside Beach. The view was cloudy but the lighting was amazing. For Sunset #2 we caught the tail end of light at El Dorado Beach. Again, loving all the silhouettes and sky colors. Good night!


My one requirement for our wedding: it needed to be outdoors! We decided on a park wedding and we were in the market to rent some benches for the ceremony. Unfortunately, all the seating we saw was not so good looking or expensive (or both!). So, the now Hubs decided we should build our own benches. And build he did! We found a tutorial on Homemade by Carmona and used it as a guide for our benches. He sawed, sand papered, wood burned, stained, painted, sealed, nailed… I ate hot dogs. Oh, and this was the perfect reason to start building our power tool collection. (Insert tool drool here.) Talk about middle school woodshop skills put to good use. (Thanks Bonita Vista Middle School!) Hubs made six benches to accommodate 24 guests. Some of our guests loved them so much they even asked if they could have them as their wedding souvenir. Photo by Ngoc M. Nguyen I love me some power tools. What should our next project be? Matching farm table? Share your woodworking stories below!

say my name.

You may have spotted another heat embossing craft in my last wedding post but in case you missed it here it is in all its glory: our wedding place setting name cards! I found the stamp during our Seattle trip. I didn’t know what I was going to use it for when I purchased it, but I knew I would think of a way to incorporate it into our wedding crafts. It worked out perfectly for our name cards. To match our wedding invitations I mixed gold and copper embossing powder and stamped on the same blush paper. I used my handy brush pen to write our guests’ names. I am particularly fond of how these two cards came out: Easy peasy and fancy shmancy at the same time! All together now! And in the wilds! A snap of our name card on our wedding tablescape. Photo by Ngoc M. Nguyen I’m pretty sure I need to make more of these soon. Can someone please throw a sit down meal party so I can volunteer my name card …

you’re my type. 

Any reason to buy double sided scrapbook paper in pretty colors and prints is a good reason. Our wedding guest book was my favorite craft to put together because it involved just that. It also involved brush markers and a typewriter. Eep! Studio Calico decided to make the most awesome scrapbook album I’ve seen to date: 9in x 12in, which fits nicely on a standard shelf and/or won’t take up too much space on your coffee table. #scrapbooknerdreadytoreport And the inserts are just as baller: 3in x 3in, 3in x 4in, and 4in x 6in slots. I cut paper down to size and had guests type up love notes. Watching my guests learn or relearn the typewriter was really fun. My nephew (age 12) even started to trouble shoot for the grown ups. The pretties!! We loved reading all of our guests’ notes and we can’t wait to fill our album with wedding photo memories! All the things: Album: Studio Calico Paper: (by My Mind’s Eye, Pinkfresh Studio, The Project Girl) Typewriter: Alameda Antique Fair Typewriter maintenance …


Today is our wedding day! Yup, Feyoncé and I are tying the knot. Oh you bet I can’t wait to share all the details with you. But for now, I’m sharing our wedding ring shopping experience and revealing the bling that made the cut! We decided our 8th love anniversary would be a perfect day for ring shopping. I had my heart set on matching rose gold bands. We chose to shop at Brilliant Earth because they have a large assortment of rose gold options, ethically source their stones, and use only reclaimed metals – love it! Lucky for us, there is a Brilliant Earth show room nearby and we got to shop in person. Making the appointment was simple and despite the pressure to pick rings to last a lifetime, our ring guide and the overall comfortable spa like atmosphere in the show room made ring shopping so much more enjoyable. We tried on a number of styles and our ring guide was able to offer suggestions. All of their rings were made to order and customizable. If …

they said yes!

It’s officially one year until my wedding so I thought I’d give you a peek into my wedding life with a DIY. Like many modern brides, asking your best ladies to be part of your entourage is a big deal. And being a bit on the crafty side (ok, maybe a whole lot on the crafty side), I wanted my ladies to be asked the craftiest way I could think up. Behold: my bridesmaids ask boxes! I included a clever card, wedding day info, bridesmaid info, color palette, floral clip, and an official tote — all handmade! Let’s build one! The first step is to decide what you’re going to put inside. Then you can gather supplies and find the right box to put it all in. This was quite a process, but every time I decided on another piece I got super excited! My box was an 8″ x 8″ x 4″ kraft container, generally used for decoupage. I went for au naturale and gathered some crinkly filler paper. Fill your box with filler. If …