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My one requirement for our wedding: it needed to be outdoors! We decided on a park wedding and we were in the market to rent some benches for the ceremony. Unfortunately, all the seating we saw was not so good looking or expensive (or both!). So, the now Hubs decided we should build our own benches. And build he did!

We found a tutorial on Homemade by Carmona and used it as a guide for our benches. He sawed, sand papered, wood burned, stained, painted, sealed, nailed… I ate hot dogs. Oh, and this was the perfect reason to start building our power tool collection. (Insert tool drool here.)

Talk about middle school woodshop skills put to good use. (Thanks Bonita Vista Middle School!) Hubs made six benches to accommodate 24 guests. Some of our guests loved them so much they even asked if they could have them as their wedding souvenir.

Photo by Ngoc M. Nguyen

I love me some power tools. What should our next project be? Matching farm table? Share your woodworking stories below!


  1. Janice says

    Those benches were great! And that power tool collection is off to a great start. Any ideas on what the next project will be?

    • Next home project will be hanging some artwork! Ha! Maybe a dining table one day, too. OoOoo…

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