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put a bow on it.

Or was it a bird?

All the bridesladies received a handmade something so we wanted the groomspeeps to have a handmade something, too. We decided on bow ties.


I found a step by step tutorial on Tie a Tie which I mostly followed. The template was most useful, but it did require a few adjustments. I ended up adding half an inch to each bow tie for a better fit. Also, the suggested interfacing was too firm and thick for bow tie purposes; I purchased a much thinner interfacing after one tough attempt at inverting the first bow tie. After a few hours of cutting, ironing, and sewing, we had a set of bows for the entire groomsbunch.


The groomspeeps each wore a blush pink bow and my groom wore a dark blue with white dot bow, chosen because “it looks like sparkles.” Now I can make custom bow ties for Hubs to match all the outfits!

Have you tried your hand at creating your own accessories? Share below!


  1. Janice says

    Such a great idea! It’s too bad we didn’t get a photo of the groomsmen trying to put on their bowties. I literally had to tie each one of theirs for them 😊

    • Oh I know, I should have put it on our ‘list of things to take a picture of’ for our photographer! I would’ve liked to see bow tying in action! 😀 Thanks for helping the fellas with their looks!!

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