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my florist friends. 

My Crafty Lady Crew is the best and with their powers combined they created beautiful things for our wedding, including all of the reception floral decor. Dreamy…

Before the wedding I met with our lead florist – our friend Kristin. (She also sets up the best magazine-worthy meal spreads.) When we were looking at flowers, we discovered we had the same taste, or should I say smell, for flowers.

We both like the flowers that either smell like nothing or are on the sweeter side. Anything too fragrant, like roses, and lilies (especially lilies!) smell like death to us. Long story short, I knew I would be happy with Kristin’s floral selection because they wouldn’t smell like anything!

Visually, I wanted whites, greens, and soft pinks in our centerpieces. Kristin shopped around for some stems at local farmers markets, but she also gathered some lovelies from her garden!

We used Ball mason jars plus old mini yogurt glassware with offwhite ribbon and handmade-by-Kristin ceramic hearts on cord.

And just look at how these beauties turned out. They completed my tablescape dreams.


Need a florist? I know a lady! 🙂 The hugest thanks to Kristin and Angel (yay crafty ladies!) for putting together and setting up all the pretty things!

Photos by Ngoc M. Nguyen


  1. Angel Huntington-Ortega says

    So good! So many nice photos! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

    You’re the best.


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