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hanging garden.

On my crafty wish list: get better at macrame. So for March (National Craft Month!), I’m sharing all macrame projects, all the time. First up is a 4-plant pot hanger featuring a Modern Macrame pattern and rope.

You will need:

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Macrame instructions are the only time I enjoy following a pattern. For any other craft I prefer to make it up as a I go. I hope to one day grow my macrame skills to design patterns more consistently and create more intuitively. Note: I won’t share the pattern here because it’s not mine to share, but I hope this project inspires you to support a small business or to be inspired to create your own hanging garden!

The Modern Macrame pattern is fairly basic with a row of lark’s head knots and series of square knots throughout. I like the addition of the chunky ceramic beads for added texture. And these handmade beads from their shop are so dreamy!

Behold: the final piece. The branch measures 3′ across and the hanger ~5′ long (will measure slightly shorter once you add pots). Each holder can fit a 4-8″ planter. I made this plant hanger for my parents’ garden, but now I’m thinking I need one, too, and so do all my friends. 🙂

Can’t wait to share more macrame projects with you this month!

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