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mushroom embroidery.

One of my wishes in life is to learn about and scavenge for mushrooms to create natural dyes. But until I’m able to do so, I’ll embroider them!

I signed up for a Jenny Lemons workshop with MCreativeJ* to create embroidered mushrooms. The mushroom embroidery kit came with an embroidery hoop, fabric, assorted floss, a needle, “peel, stick, and stitch” patterns, and hardware for hanging. We just needed to add scissors. And if you’re extra like me, you’ll have splurged and purchased an embroidery hoop stand/holder*, too! BTW – This is a game changer!

For this project I gathered additional embroidery floss in a red and brown palette*, too.

Here we go!

We reviewed satin stitch, chain stitch, and a take on satin stitch with long and short stitches combined. The time goes by so quickly in creative workshops. It’s always so satisfying when you can complete your project in one sitting but this was definitely a few-parter.

This was my first introduction to the sticker transfer paper; they came pre-printed in Melissa’s kit (she sells them on their own, too*). It’s so helpful to have the images as a guide, especially as a newbie embroiderer. You can place the images on top of each other, too, for a layered/gathered look.

Once you’ve completed your stitches, run water over your piece to remove the transfer paper. I did a little gentle scratching around the mushrooms, too, to help with removal. Let it dry.

Tahdah! My favorite part of this piece is the addition of French knots on the leftmost mushroom – still my all time favorite stitch.

I love nature inspired crafts – and mushrooms?! The ultimate. And hey, big news! I’m now an MCreativeJ affiliate* which means I’ll share more embroidery projects on the regular-ish. Who wants to craft along with me for my next project*? Use my referral code (CRAFTERATEUR) for 10% off your entire order (limit one use per customer).

Name your favorite mushroom below. I’ll go first: maitake.

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