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gouda day to you.

My last work trip to Palm Springs was a quick one, but I did manage to squeeze in one touristy visit disguised as a lunch run – a local market!


The staff at On the Mark are super welcoming, and they kept offering me samples of yummy things. Also, they didn’t think it was weird that I was taking photos (or they were good at hiding the fact that they thought it was weird 😂).


They have a deli filled with all kinds of meats and cheeses. I ended up ordering a veggie sandwich (because fig jam!) with a side potato salad (both delicious and I would come back for more!). As I waited for my lunch I perused.

They carry a wide variety of wines, chocolates, sauces, crackers, jams, all the things. A lot of stuff is imported from around the world, as well as from around the US. But you know me, I love looking for some locally made goodies so off I went flipping every package to see where it was made.

I found heart crackers (cute!) and wine with my Mom’s name (bought one of these to share with the fam!). And I ended up tasting (yay samples!), loving, and purchasing a date bread made locally by Jeffry. Win!


The market is small, but packed with lots of variety. You’ll find what you’re looking for and more! And when you leave, cheese pun. I love local markets and puns! Share your favorite market or cheese pun below.

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