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mischief maker. 

If you haven’t heard the news, I’m a mischief maker. O_o I’m the featured maker at mischief! Semantics…


My Feed the Fish co line gets a special area of the store and I get to hang out and craft all day when I’m in-shop. I love my lil set-up! It changes a little when I’m in the shop so I can sit near my stuff.

I am most especially proud of my banner bar, which has been a longtime dream of mine. I finally found the right display for it, and this pop-up was the perfect place for it’s debut!

I’m about halfway through my ‘residency’ now and already so much has happened. I’ve learned more about shop-life, brainstormed crafty projects with shop owner Laura, and completed a lot of custom projects in store. What’s extra fun is that I get to interact with the customers and show them how I make what I make. I’m also teaching a few workshops throughout the month.

A huge, huge thank you to owners Laura and Julien (the OG mischief makers!) for inviting me to share my craft and be a part of the mischief community. My entire line will be displayed and on sale in store through October 1 (and a select assortment afterwards); come and visit! 🙂


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