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we have a runner.

This Christmas is going to be Hubby and my first Christmas in our home. Usually, we travel to visit family this time of year, but since we’re all still practicing social distancing and with a tiny babe on our hands we thought it would be best to celebrate at home. It makes for some excitement though because that means we can actually put up a tree to enjoy and start some new family traditions. One thing I really wanted to add to my Christmas decor this year was a macramé table runner to keep our dining room festive throughout the season.

I picked a project from the Modern Macramé book. Side note: I’m really good at purchasing craft books because they are so beautiful and then forgetting about them, ultimately never using them. Whoops. Good thing I remembered there was a table runner project in this book!

I purchased this dreamy 4mm cotton string in army green for the project. This project is no joke; it requires a time commitment but I was excited to take on the project. Plus, it’s always nice when you have a pattern already created so you don’t have to guess on how much rope to use.

The table runner was a series of reverse lark’s head knots and square knots. I won’t share the pattern here because you should buy the book and support women owned small businesses (yaaas!), but essentially you create two identical garlands and then connect them to form a table runner.

I’m excited for how this turned out. Ready for our tiny Christmas celebration! Are you creating anything special for your holiday tablescape? Share below.

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