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As promised, here is another wrapped craft: charm bracelets!

File this craft under handmade gift ideas for your besties (hint hint: Christmas is coming!)! It’s super simple and super cute. All you need:

Cut 6 feet of embroidery floss. Tie onto the inside of a bangle with a double knot, leaving a short tail. Leave the tail exposed. Wrap the floss along the bangle, making sure the wraps lie next to each other. Do not leave any gaps. Once you loop around the bangle, tie the two loose ends together in a double knot on the inside of the bangle. Trim loose ends. You can add some jewelry glue on the knot if you wish.

Use pliers to attach jump rings directly onto the bangle, and to attach charms onto the jump rings. Mix and match your charms of choice. Add blank jump rings, too.

Make a few bracelets to stack. You can also stack with unwrapped bracelets.

Next level friendship bracelets? πŸ™‚ Hope your weekend is super crafty!

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