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bebe nook.

Small space living means lil Bebe gets a nook in the walk-in closet instead of a full room (seriously though if we had an extra room, it would be a craft room and Bebe would still get a nook). The nook is basically a fancy closet for diaper changing and baby item storage. To cute-ify Bebe’s nook, we ordered tree decals from Kenna Sato Designs. They were so easy to attach and I love how it turned out!

The hardest part was deciding where to place each decal, but you really can’t go wrong with these!

So satisfying.

We didn’t do much else to the nook other than decorate with a tennis ball mobile and my pom pom wall art. We added drawers to one of our Ikea bookshelves for clothes, diaper goods, other baby accoutrement, and postpartum necessities. We also were gifted a diaper pail so that lives in the nook, too.

The rest of the nook is baby thing storage for items we were gifted but don’t need for a few more months. We’ve kept those things in boxes and covered them up with a drop cloth. Not super classy, but it keeps everything tucked away until we’ll use them. I’ve stored future clothing items in boxes on the shelf, too. Since Bebe doesn’t sleep in the nook yet I’m making use of the high shelves.

What are your small space living tips? Have you ever decorated with decals? Share below.

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