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macrame landscape.

I worked on a fun thing! I recently subscribed to The Crafter’s Box and the macrame landscape kit was my first project.

This project was taught by Rachel Breuklander of the Lark’s Head. The kit came with everything we needed for the landscape project, including a pattern, a video tutorial, and even a really nice pair of scissors. I didn’t have to pull anything else out other than my macrame stand so I could work on my project while it hung.

The color palette was so dreamy. They had a few additional color palettes to choose from if you wanted to create more than one project. After cutting all my rope to size, the pattern called for lark’s head knots and square knots. This was a fairly easy to follow project; it’s also a really good project to practice your square knot tension.

I’ve done many a lark’s head and square knot, but I had never worked with the technique of changing the rope color to create a design. It’s so cool! Now that I know how to do it, I’m inspired to create my own designs.

Once I had my pattern, it was time to clean up the back by sewing in the loose cords.

Halfway through the project I realized I could ‘sew’ in the loose cords while creating square knots, so this cut my clean up time dramatically. I will be doing this for future projects.

After clean up I brushed out the bottom tassels with the included comb and added a hanging cord.

Loooove this project, and can’t wait to create more. I really want to make a Christmas tree one! Will share if it turns out cute. 🙂 What creative projects have you been up to? Share below.

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