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bebe mobile.

It’s fun when my Hubby’s love of tennis and my love of crafts can unite. Remember the tennis banner? Sharing a minimalist baby mobile project inspired by tennis balls!

I found tennis ball colored felt pom poms and white macrame hoops on Etsy. Apparently, old school tennis balls were white so I added some white felt pom poms too, in another size for some variation. You can create something similar in any color palette!


  • 2” wooden ring
  • Nylon cord
  • Felt pompoms, any size x 42 (I used 30 1” pom poms and 12 2” pom poms)
  • 8” metal hoop (can use an embroidery hoop)
  • Sewing needle
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon or rope for hanging
  • Ruler or tape measure

Cut three pieces of nylon cord 4 feet in length. Align cords and fold in half. String on wooden ring and place at the cord midpoint. Tie an overhand knot with all three cords. Pull each cord end separately to tighten the knot.

Sew two pom poms on each cord. The pom poms should stay in place, but you can add optional knots after each pom pom. I used one 1” and one 2” pom pom for each cord.

Knot each cord onto the metal hoop. Evenly space out cords. It helps if you untwist the cords at the top so they drape nicely. Use a ruler to ensure equal spacing. For this mobile I left 2 1/4 inches of blank cord above and below the pom poms.

After the knots, sew 5 pom poms onto each cord. I used four 1” and one 2” pom pom on each cord. Finish with a double knot under each pom pom row. Sew the cord back up one pom pom and tie a double knot onto the cord. Trim excess cord. This part is easier to do if you can hang your mobile while working on it.

Hang with ribbon or cord.

My baby style is generally in the calm/neutral color palette with soft patterns and every now and then a pop of color. This tennis ball green is definitely the pop of color in our baby nook.

What’s your decor style? Do you keep it neutral or love lots of color? Share!

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