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chunky macrame.

With Fall in full swing, I thought it would be appropriate to bring out the cozy and fluffy macrame! This would make great wall decor for a small space.

All you need:

  • 32 feet of fluffy roving, cut into two 16-foot pieces
  • 3.5 inch dowel
  • 2 feet of twine or similar cord
  • A ruler or tape measure
  • Scissors

First, prepare the dowel with a hanging cord. You want the hanging cord to be secure first because the fluffy roving might ‘push’ the cord out of place. Tie a double knot, wind the cord a few times around the dowel, tie another double knot. Create an arch for hanging and repeat the same knot, wrap, knot technique on the other side.

Next, we will anchor the two 16-foot pieces of roving onto the dowel with Lark’s head knots. Fold one piece of roving so that the outer tail is ~11 feet and the inner tail is ~5 feet in length. Place the ‘fold’ under the dowel. Place the two loose tails under the hanging cord, over the dowel, and through the ‘U’. Adjust as needed. Repeat with the second piece of roving. Tighten to secure. It helps if you hold the dowel ends in one hand and pull on the roving with the other hand.

This next part is easier if you can hang your piece while you work, but it can also be done on a table top – just secure your piece with some tape. We’ll create lots of half square knots (basically, until we run low on roving). The outer strands are the working strands and the center strands are the anchor strands.

Place the left working strand over the two anchor strands to form a ‘4.’ Place the right working strand over the left working strand, under the two anchor strands, and through the hole created by the left working strand. Pull both working strands outward and up to complete a half square knot.

Repeat this knot until you have 3-4 inches of working strands left. As you create half square knots, the piece will start to rotate. You can flip the piece over as needed. Try to keep even tension throughout. Once you have just a few inches of working strands left, take the two anchor strands and create an overhand knot. Tuck the working strands into the knot and trim.

Tighten the overhand knot. Trim the tails. The final piece will be approximately 42″ in length.

Yay! A fluffy thing to decorate any space in your home. It makes a perfect door accessory or accent piece for the sliver of wall in your home where you can’t really hang anything because it’s too narrow.

How do you like to decorate for the cozy months? Share below!

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