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tennis tuesday: east bay champs.

Hubby’s tennis team made it to the district tournament which makes them East Bay tennis champions! I made a banner per Hubby’s request to commemorate the accomplishment.


I used a wool-polyester blend felt in tennis grass green, and all the words – including everyone’s name – in white for good contrast.


This was my biggest felt project yet (in terms of letters cut for one project…because do you remember the 200+ pennant order I worked on?). There was even math involved with this project!

Before glueing everything, I used an iron on the wool setting to get most of the creases out of the giant piece of felt. To hang we decided on a wooden dowel and rope.


I finished the banner in our hotel during the district competition. This actually worked out nicely because I got to work on the floor (more room!) and their carpet is the hard kind (not fluffy) so it was flat and firm enough for felt crafting.


We waited to present the banner to the team at the end of the district tournament. It made for a fun group photo prop when they found out that they would move on to sectionals!

The dynamic duos:


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