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I might too old for Trick or Treating, but I’m never too old for candy. Chef Tova Sterling in partnership with Yelp Central Jersey hosted a candy tasting event: Candy Around the World! We had the option to purchase a candy sampler pack and have it shipped in time for the hang out.

I thought it would just be a candy tasting but it was much more! Chef Tova had a fun candy history presentation prepared for us, and hosted candy trivia. I learned so much!

Taste test time!

Aldama Cajeta from Mexico — Sugar was introduced to the Philippines from Indonesia; then Spain learned about it from the Philippines and brought it over to Mexico. Cajeta was born!

White Rabbit Milk Candy from China — This candy has a cult following. It’s wrapped in rice paper; I used to eat it as a kid and would tell my classmates that I was eating paper. They thought I was strange.

Roshen Milky Splash from Ukraine — So creamy. So glad Chef Tova gave us two pieces!

Walkers English Creamy Toffee from England — Fun fact: This candy was part of England’s war rations for soldiers in WWII to remind them of home.

Mozart Chocolate form Austria — Often imitated, and also often duplicated. Apparently, the original creator of the Mozart chocolate didn’t brand his product very well so there are many imposters out there!

le Bonelle Gelees in Orange from Italy — A fruity treat.

Milanowek Milky Cream Fudge from Poland — Favorite piece in the box alert! Get your hands on these! So soft and creamy!

Cote d’Or Milk Chocolate from Belgium — It comes with two bars! It had a smoky flavor that weirdly reminds me of meats.

Jelly Candy in Banana from Korea — Made with agar agar as the gelling agent so it’s vegetarian!

Hitschler Softi (Taffy) in Cherry from Germany — Chewy, but not stick-to-your-teeth painful!

Kasugai Lychee Gummy Candy from Japan — I’ve had my share of these gummy candies from Japan. Lychee is definitely a top flavor for me!

Tony’s Caramel Sea Salt Milk Chocolate from Netherlands – Standard, but delicious, and the perfect size for a tiny treat.

Yum! Have you tried any of these sweet treats? What is your all time favorite candy? Share below!

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