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bats and beads.

I’ve always been a little bit obsessed with felt pom poms, but lately, I’ve been using lots of them in garland projects. And with Halloween coming up, I had to create a pom pom garland for the occasion. Let’s make a felt pom pom, bead, and bat garland!


  • Felt pom poms in any Halloween colorway (I personally love Halloween colorways with pink or another shade of orange. Neon/tennis green is also a great choice. Currently, I have two sources for my felt pom poms – Benzie Design and the Rainbow Barn.)
  • Wooden beads (Get these at any craft store.)
  • Nylon thread or upholstery thread
  • Sewing needle
  • Sturdy felt in black
  • Fabric scissors
  • Optional: clear fishing line

Cut out bat shapes. I looked for a bat shape online to use as a guide. You can also cut out other Halloween shapes like ghosts or pumpkins. I folded my felt in half so the bat would be symmetrical when I cut it out.

Cut a piece a cord (or clear fishing line) and sew through the top of the bat with one running stitch. The length will depend on how far from the garland base you want your bat to hang. I cut 8-inch pieces of upholstery thread. Once sewn through the bat, fold the hanging cord in half, tie an overhand knot with both loose cord ends. Trim excess thread and move the knot towards the felt to hide the knot.

Assemble your garland. Tie a loop on one end of your cord with an overhand knot. Thread your needle and sew on felt pom poms and wooden beads in any order. You can decide to create a pattern with your pom poms and beads or assemble at random. Start and stop your garland with a felt pom pom to ensure that your string of pom poms and wooden beads are secure on the cord. When done stringing, tie another loop on the loose end with another overhand knot.

Decide where you want to place your bats. Attach bats to garland as you would a luggage tag.

Ready for Halloween!

What have you been creating for Halloween decor this year? Share below!

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  1. Babita Gupta says

    This garland look awesome!!
    What is the size of pompom and wooden beads? Thanks!

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