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preggo halloween – part 1.

Don’t worry, this won’t turn into a preggo blog, but disclaimer, this is definitely a preggo post! When Hubby and I discussed having kids, one of my top priorities/dreams/goals was to be pregnant during Halloween. Is that strange? Probably. But I wanted to dress up the bump! So here we go! I’m talking preggo Halloween costume idea inspired by Hubby saying “you look like a snowman.” D’oh! But brilliant!

All you need to be a snowperson:

  • Fitted maternity dress in white (Accentuate that bump!)
  • Frank Sinatra hat (Fun fact: I have a pretty great Goorin Bros hat collection that I refuse to give up)
  • Classic red plaid scarf (These are easy find online or create your own.)
  • Carrot snack bc vitamin A, B6, K1, potassium, and biotin
  • Yarn pompoms in black (DIY below.)
  • Tapestry needle, sewing needle, and thread to attach pom poms to your dress

Let’s make pom poms! For this craft you will need:

  • Pom Pom tool of choice
  • Yarn in black
  • Non stretchy cotton cord
  • Scissors
  • Scrap tray

Wind yarn onto pom pom tool . For my snowperson buttons I wound my yarn for 180 rotations.

Tie off with the non stretchy cord. Important: These knots should be super tight. First make a loose knot on one side.

Remove the pom pom mound from the tool. Tighten. Flip the pom pom over and tie another knot, this time looping the cord twice before tightening. Pull upwards to tighten the first knot on the reverse side; pull outward to tighten the knot you just made. Once you cannot tighten anymore, secure with another knot to form a double knot.

Create three for your snowperson buttons.

Cut the loops. Trim pom poms to desired roundness.

Use a tapestry need to find the tight center cord on each pom pom. Sew thread underneath each cord. Use a sewing needle to sew pom poms onto your dress.

This might be my favorite idea.

But just wait until my next costume post!

Are you creating a costume this year? Share below!

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