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fluffy door thing.

I made a fluffy thing! Ever since my Pom Pom Along last month, I’ve been busy creating lots of poms for a fluffy wall art piece.

For this craft I gathered:

Tassel and pom pom tool. I use the Loome XL Model tool for most of my tassel and pom pom projects. Alternatively, you can use a sturdy piece of cardboard in the same fashion.

Yarn for pom poms. I used 5 rolls of medium weight yarn. How much you’ll need will depend on how many pom poms you want to make, how puffy they will be, and how much surface area you need to cover. A general rule of thumb is to have between 40-60 yards of yarn per pom pom. You can obviously use less/more depending how full you want your pom poms to be.

Yarn for tassels . This can be a different yarn. I used hand-dyed yarn that I got on one of my yarn adventures. Again, the amount will vary on how many tassels you want to make and how fluffy you make them.

Non stretchy cord. Use this cord to hold poms and tassels together, and to create a hanging cord. You will need at least 3 feet of cord for each pom pom (2 feet for assembly and 1 foot for attaching to the base) and 1 foot for each tassel. You will need an additional 30-35 feet to include a hanging mechanism.

Plastic mesh sheet. I purchased sheets that were 19.6″ x 13″, but ended up cutting it in half for my project.

Fabric scissors. Get a good pair. I like to use Westcott brand scissors.

Tapestry needle. The tapestry needle will help with attaching tassels and pom poms to the base. It will also help sew on the hanging string.

Tray. Catch all your yarn scraps in a tray for easy clean up.

Dowel. I used a 12 inch wooden dowel with a 1/2 inch diameter for this project. You may need a different size depending on the width of your piece.

Sturdy backing. Depending on the shape and size of your piece you may need a sturdy backing to keep the piece flat against a wall. I opted out for my project, but you might need one for a larger piece.

How to:

Make lots of pom poms. I made as many pom poms as I could with the 5 rolls of yarn I gathered for this project. I was thinking I’d be able to make 60+ pom poms, but ended up making 35 because I went for FLUFF. Check out the Loome orb pom pom tutorial for the how to. For my pom poms I used between 180 and 240 revolutions.

Make lots of tassels. Similarly, I made as many wild tassels as I could with the yarn I had for tassels. I ended up with 10 tassels. Check out the Loome tassel tutorial for the how to. For my tassels I wound the yarn until I liked the fluff factor. Are you noticing a theme? 🙂

Cut your plastic mesh sheet to your desired shape. I stuck with a rectangle, but I’m thinking hearts or cloud shapes would be so cute! After attaching all of my pom poms I cut the top of the mesh to follow the outline of the pom poms.

Attach tassels and pom poms by tying onto the mesh sheet. Use the hanging cord from each tassel to tie onto the mesh base. For pom poms, use your tapestry needle to find the center cord and sew a 1 foot piece of non-stretchy cord underneath the center cord. Use this cord to tie the pom pom onto the mesh base. You can decide how close or far apart you want your tassels and pom poms to sit. I like when they look squished to each other. This may take some trial and error. I found that sewing them closer than you think they need to be helped with spacing. You can also connect two pom poms together first, then attach to the base. Additional cords may be used to anchor pom poms even more. Trim all the loose cords after securing to the mesh base, or sew the loose cords back into the pom poms and trim.

Sew on the dowel. After cutting the backing to the outline of the pom poms, I attached the dowel. I experimented a little with this first and found that I need to have multiple points of hanging for this piece to not warp too much while hanging. I decided on “sewing” my dowel on by creating loops all the way across my piece.

Add backing. If your piece still warps when hung, reinforce the mesh with something sturdy like a thin piece of wood, acrylic, or cardboard.

Hang and enjoy. This would make a fun addition to a gallery wall, a reading nook, or on a door.


Are you into all the fluff? Share your fluffiest craft project below!

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