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flower garden crowns.

I taught an expanded version of my felt flower crown workshop earlier this month. It was a special class because it was the first time in Feed the Fish co history that my Mommy and Niece were able to attend one of my events. They live in Southern California and all of my events so far have been in Northern California. Yay for virtual crafting!

For this class I picked out a Boho Garden color palette from Benzie Design. It is by far my favorite color palette of felt. If you haven’t already discovered Benzie Design, here is your introduction. It’s like the butter of felt in all the dreamy colors. This was the sample I made for class, as modeled by Panda.

See all these floral beauties in their floral beauties! Plus some sweet sentiments. I’m so happy everyone enjoyed class!

My friend was inspired to create local flowers for her crown!

If I could, I would make grand flower crowns all day. Felt flower crowns for all!

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