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you want it, you got it.

More custom requests for my crafty biz keeping me busy this summer!

Mask Up

My crafty friend Vince ordered custom letters in Barnum font for his mask project. Excited to see these pop up in his mask photoshoots.

A Trio of Lovelies

My friend Angel dreamed up this trio with fancy fonts and added tassels. This has got to be my favorite order of pennants ever.

Big Bro / Lil Bro

Name pennants for the big bro and the lil bro. A cute idea for a growing fam!

Fundraiser Pennants

I felt (hehe, felt) like I should use my craft skills for some craftivism. All sales from any custom persist, love, or vote pennants will be donated to Black Lives Matter and ACLU.


I made this Unite pennant with a trio of fists and it gained traction on Instagram, so I decided to sell them with half of sales going to The Conscious Kid.

Off to Grad School

My public health friend ordered these goodies for one of her staffers at the HPV Impact project who is heading to grad school to do HPV research at USC! What a fun going away / congratulations party pack!


My niece requested a Hawai’i pennant with a plumeria. Ah, dreaming of vacay.

All of my felt goods are handcut without the use of templates because cutting is my favorite. I love a good challenge when someone requests a special font, too. But mostly I enjoy creating felt goodies to bring people’s visions and imaginations to life! Keep the custom requests coming!

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Local markets are my kind of tourist attraction. Crafternoons are my favorite. Good food makes me dance.

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