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cardboard loom.

I taught a weaving class with Craft Buzz back in May and we created cardboard looms. Since I haven’t restocked my acrylic looms in a while I thought I’d share the how-to for this simple, find-materials-at-home DIY, plus some weaving reference videos, so you can get weaving, too.

All you need to create a cardboard loom:

  • A piece of sturdy cardboard. The larger the cardboard, the larger you can make your weaving. The one I used is about 9 inches x 10 inches.
  • A ruler
  • Pencil/pen
  • Scissors

I like to leave 1-inch margins on the left and right sides of the cardboard (so I have cardboard to hold as I weave). Between the margins, mark every 1/4 inch at the top and bottom of the cardboard.

Cut ~1/2 inch slits at each mark, at the top and bottom of your cardboard.

That’s it!

Prep and weave as you would on a wooden/acrylic/bamboo loom.

For a quick weaving tutorial, view my short videos:

Happy weaving!

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