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mini leather.

My friend Laura (of @laurabsewin) sent me a leather pouch kit. Omg yes. Ever since my class with Tilt Leather, I’m up for any leather hand sewing project. It was fun to refresh on a stitch I learned in class.

The pouch kit came with a piece of precut leather complete with punched holes and a snap, thread, and needles. It arrived flat, so when I clasped it together I was pleasantly surprised to discover it was a bear pouch! So. Cute.

I used a saddle stitch for the pouch, sewing with two needles from the top of the pouch to the bottom.

Once I reached the bottom, I did a few backstitches, then knotted the thread in the back of the pouch. I sewed the thread back through to the front and to the back one hole to hide the lose ends, then trimmed.

Bear! 🙂

Now, what to keep in this cute lil pouch? What fun crafty projects have you been working on lately? Share below!

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