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OMG, I went on a Handcraft Studio School workshop spree! There are just so many things to learn! I’ve been wanting to take a class with Jennifer Laursen of Tilt Leather all year and I finally got to sign up for her leather pouch class.

All the tools and materials! The hardest part was deciding on which leather and coordinating zipper and thread to use. Jen brought some leather she marbled, too. I decided on basic brown for the pouch, undyed leather for the tabs, a black zipper, and mustard cord. A classic look!

Jen precut the pouch leather for us (since this takes some time with a large class). We still got some leather cutting experience as we cut out the tabs for the sides of the zipper.

We used double sided tape to hold pieces in place as we made sewing holes and sewed our pouches. To my surprise, we learned how to hand sew leather. I wasn’t expecting this, but I enjoyed it! Also, it makes working with leather more accessible, now that I know I don’t need a big, fancy machine to create beautiful pieces. The fork looking like tool is a diamond hole punch used to create sewing holes. First, we sewed the tabs to the zipper using a running stitch.

Then we sewed the zipper onto the pouch leather also with a running stitch. We used the compass looking like tool (wing dividers) to mark our seam allowance. Once I sewed both sides of the zipper my pouch looked like a football.

Then we turned the pouch inside out to sew the sides and the gusset. For this part we used a saddle stitch. It’s a super fancy and sturdy way to sew using two needles. First, the sides, then the gusset. Then turn right side in! Amaze!

Most of us added a leather pull tab to the zipper.

Leather pouch photo shoot!

I am clearly very proud of my work! And the leather smells so good!

My classmates were excited, too! We styled a few scenes…

Everyone’s pouch turned out super profesh!

Thank you to Jen for sharing all her leather pouch secrets! This class was so good!


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