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hey sugar.

I found another hobby: sugar cookie decorating! Omagah, so fun! And such a good mom skill to have for future celebrations (PS I’m preggo).

Yelp NOLA and Fait Main Foods hosted a cookie decorating workshop and I am obsessed. I also looooved that they had the option to ship supplies to out-of-area folks because I got to join in the fun and gain a new skill.

Fait Main Foods is based in Mandeville, LA. They specialize in couture sugar cookie designs (seriously beautiful stuff!) and their cookies are legit tasty, soft, and addicting. For this special event their kits included ice cream, donut, and candy shaped cookies, and it came with four icing colors and two sprinkle mixes.

In the workshop we first practiced drawing lines with the icing and getting comfortable with the icing flow. We learned all the cookie decorating secrets including how to stack colors, add designs, and tricks for what to do if you mess up your design. The only secrets we didn’t learn are their perfect cookie and icing recipes — my next mission!

My favorite shapes to decorate were the donut cookies. There was less room for error. The ice creams were the most difficult since we had to freehand the color sections. Also, I didn’t wait long enough between the base layer and adding the cone lines so they blended. Patience is such a virtue when decorating!

But look how pretty they all still look! One cookie arrived damaged so I ate that while I *patiently* waited overnight for the icing to dry on my cookie art pieces. And when it came time to eat them I almost didn’t want to because they were so cute!

They keep well, too. I received the cookie kit a few days before the workshop; they were kept sealed until class for freshness. After decorating I left them out on a plate overnight to dry and then kept them in a glass container for about a week. The texture obviously changed slightly over the week (became a little dry) but that was my fault for not eating them all in one sitting.

Thank you to Fait Main Foods for sharing your cookie decorating knowledge with the Yelp community! I can’t wait to practice some more. Have you tried your hand at decorating sugar cookies? Tell me all your secrets.

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