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tostada tuesday.

Everything is virtual these days, including Yelp events. I’ve been participating in all kinds of cooking demos ever since pizza night with Homage. Some were Yelp Elite events and others open to the entire Yelp community. And what’s been really cool is that I have been able to attend events across the country, and in Canada, too! My favorite so far was chorizo tostadas with Maggie of Whisked Away Cooking School in Phoenix, Arizona.

I learned a new recipe, and picked up some cooking techniques and pro tips. This was a fun class because I had never made tostadas before nor cooked with canned refried beans (honestly, I was a little scared of them). Also, I don’t normally use arugula and radish in dishes because of the bitter flavors, so it was fun to learn a recipe with both that I really enjoyed.

Behold: my beef chorizo tostadas with refried beans, cheese, sour cream sauce, and an arugula, radish, lemon, and jalapeño salad! It was crispy, a little spicy, creamy, savory, fresh…so good. I’ll definitely need to put these on replay.

I have also joined a lumpia and bibingka demo with Eats by E in Berkeley, California; fish taco night with Fishnet in Baltimore, Maryland; an apricot mustard class with Gus and Grey in Detroit, Michigan; a sugar cookie decorating session with Hudson Cakery in Weehawken, New Jersey; a pour over coffee lesson with Vigilante Coffee in Hyattsville, Maryland; and a pad Thai class with Bite Unite in San Francisco, California.

Ready for more! Have you been participating in online classes lately? Do share!

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