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cactus fiesta.

Just because we’re on SIP doesn’t mean we can’t have a fiesta at home! Let’s make a cactus piñata!

Materials: corrugated cardboard, box cutter, scissors, masking tape, crepe paper streamers, glue stick

Cut two of the same shape for the front and back of your piñata. Cut 1.5-2in wide strips of cardboard for the perimeter; make sure the corrugation allows you to bend your strips along the length (corrugation should run parallel to the bottom). Decide where you want to place the piñata opening and start wrapping one of the shapes with the cardboard strips at the base of the opening. Use masking tape to attach strips to shapes. I prefer attaching the strips to the outside border of the shapes (versus in line with the shape perimeter); this makes it easier to bend the strips to conform to the shape. End with a flap that is not attached with tape. You may leave a slight overlap. Attach the second shape to the opposite side. For this step, you could add all the tape to the shape and carefully adhere. Add more tape as necessary for reinforcement.

Cut lots and lots of fringe. To begin covering your piñata, work one side at a time. First, add a non-fringed piece to the bottom. Add two layers if you can still see through to the cardboard. Begin adding fringe, one layer at a time. You can overlap as you see fit and change colors whenever you like. Once you finish one side, trim the overhang, then repeat the process on the opposite side. Do the same for the strips and the flap opening. For any spot that is level / parallel to the base, you may consider only adding non-fringed paper since it will lay flat. You can do the same for any hard to reach areas.

Optional: Add a tissue paper flower. See my tissue paper flower tutorial for a companion post. And for more piñata inspo: burrosheartspineapples.

You can fill these with treats or display as decor. Ether way, it’s fiesta time!

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