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the tissue issue.

I recently refreshed my memory on how to make tissue paper flowers. It’s so easy and the results are so pretty I had to share! These would pair nicely with some piñata crafts, too. Here are a few: burro, piña, hearts.

Materials: tissue paper, string or staples, scissors

Layer 6-8 pieces of tissue paper. If starting with a large piece of tissue paper, fold into sixths or eighths. Cut all the folds. For larger-in-diameter flowers, use more layers of tissue paper.

Accordion fold the stacked tissue paper.

Snip two small triangles out from the middle. Secure with cord or staple.

Cut the ends with your desired flower petal shape (e.g., curved, pointed).

Gently separate the tissue layers and fluff. If you rip the tissue, no worries; just fluff a little more to hide the tears.

Attach to a piñata with cord or hot glue, or secure to walls for a fun backdrop. Oh! These would make cute Christmas tree decorations, too.

Try it out with different colors or sizes of tissue paper, or attach two or more flowers together to create mega flowers.

Want to make tissue paper flowers with me? Craft along tomorrow, Sunday, May 5, 10-10:15AM PDT on Instagram (check my live stories!).

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