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piñata party.

Did someone say fuñata? Ok, so I’m a little obsessed with piñatas right now but only because I now know you can make them without the mess of paper mâché. My Daddy’s birthday was coming up so I decided to experiment with a new skill and make him a piñata to fill with all kinds of birthday goodies.

All you need is some cardboard, crepe paper (streamer form will be easiest to work with), glue stick, packing tape, scissors, black and white paper (for the eyes) and string (optional, for hanging).

First, draw and cut out your shape. Then, trace your shape and cut out a second piece. I made a donkey!

For a donkey you will need two donkey shapes, rectangular pieces to link the two main parts together, and triangles for the ears.

The rectangular shapes will attach the two sides of the donkey together.

Cut your cardboard so the corrugation runs crosswise. This will allow the cardboard to curve easily along your piñata shape.curve.

Decide where you want your flap (for placing in goodies). Mine will go here.

Tape the rectangular pieces along the perimeter of one side of the piñata.

Once you’ve attached one side, attach the second side.

Fold your triangles in half and tape on to form ears.

Cut up some fringe.

Begin to layer your fringe in whatever order you please. Start from the bottom and work your way up. Trim as needed.

Wrap the fringe around the ears, too.

Cut out eye shapes and attach.

Poke holes on the sides if you want to hang your piñata. Add string.

Piñata! So cute!

I love this little guy. I almost kept him for myself, but I filled it with some tasty treats for my Daddy (as planned!). Now it lives in his office. Dads like cute crafts, too!

What piñata shape would you make? Share below.


  1. Wow beautiful! So much easier to do them that way. I only have made the typical form with 7 spikes. I will definitely try this one.

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