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prickly eggs.

I’ve been traveling to Palm Springs over the last year for work and have found a love of cactus! I love looking at them, especially in the wild – even though they’re so prickly! And since Easter is just a few weeks away, here’s a fun way to bring the desert in without risk of getting stabbed: Cactus Easter Eggs! And they are so simple to make.


  • Plastic eggs – You can pick any color egg for this. All shades of green work well; so do purples. If you don’t see plastic eggs in your colors of choice you can spray paint ones that you have.
  • Permanent white marker
  • Felt in bright, warm colors of your choice.
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors

How to:

Create a desert flower with felt.

Start with a circular piece of felt ~ 2in in diameter. Cut a spiral, leaving a small circle in the center (this will be the sealing “flap”). Roll along the spiral, starting from the outside of the circle, and glue the flap to seal.

Hot glue flowers to the tops of eggs. If you don’t like the positioning of the flower, wait for the glue to cool completely, then pop it off to reposition and glue again.

Draw carets (^) or dots (.) with permanent marker to resemble cactus pricklies. Allow to dry.


Fill with treats and gift away. These would be really cute in tiny pots, too.


Look at it! It’s so cute and tiny and chubby.


Where is your favorite desert destination? Share below!

And stay tuned for more Easter egg ideas. I’ve hid two more posts on my blog and they’ll show up any time now thru Easter.


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