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travel journaling.

Whenever I go on a big trip I bring along a notebook to do some journaling. I usually go for a watercolor book because the paper is dreamy and textured. Sharing a little of my Japan travel journal today!

I try to journal everyday on vacation to document highlights and everything we did during the day. And I decorate with things I find on my trip.

In Japan, I found Kitta washi tape books and sakura washi paper stickers. These were perfect for adding accents to my journal pages.

I also save all receipts, booklets, and little paper finds in case I want to include additional decorations. I add these at the very end, usually when I get back from my trip.

Some of the local travel guides had cute images of places we visited; I liked including these, too.

I sometimes create pockets in my journals to store small booklets, too. And I do lots of doodling (mostly food doodles).

Do you journal on vacay? Share your journaling tips and habits below.


  1. Janice says

    Oh my goodness! I want to read through this in person and get all the tactile feedback from all the cute washi paper. I showed Anne this post and she’s super inspired to do it on our next trip which we’re leaving for tomorrow on a red eye flight to Panama and then Guatemala where we’ll be spending 6 days in Antigua!

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