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Joone is a craft kit company based in Chicago. I met founders Whitney and Lauren at Craftcation last year. I got my hands on their paper cutting kit – a craft I’ve been wanting to try, but didn’t know where to start. It made for a nice travel craft for my winter break because it came with everything I needed, including a tray to collect my paper scraps, all in a small box.

The paper cutting kit comes with materials to create at least 2 bookmarks, 3 gift tags, and 1 4″x6″ art piece (you can probably use it as a post card, too!). There’s even a practice sheet to get used to cutting with an Xacto knife.

The how-to guide has lots of tips for cutting with an Xacto knife – super helpful! Once you cut out your design you can add a colorful backing with Modge Podge. They include wax paper, too, to line your table / not get mod podge everywhere.

I can’t say this is a craft I want to do always, but I’m happy to know how to create with an Xacto knife now. These tags turned out so cute!

Have you tried paper cutting? If yes, you fancy!

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