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Hiyee! I’m back from a whirlwind craft vacation ~ Craftcation! There is so much to share…so get ready because I’m flooding the interwebs with all the fun craft magic! Here are some Craftcation highlights.

Craftcation is a conference for makers and creative business owners. It’s hosted by the awesome crew at Dear Handmade Life at the Ventura Marriott. I spent five days teaching and learning, and getting inspired! More on all the workshops I taught and took soon. (Oh, there are a lot of them!)

Biznez. I took one business class with Marlo Miyashiro of The Handmade Showroom on how to develop wholesale line lists. There were so many other business classes, too (but I was busy with all the crafting!!). You could also schedule a one-on-one consult with experts to discuss your handmade business.

Fabric wall. There were sewing classes, dyeing classes, textiles and embroidery…so many things to choose from. For all of the sewing classes, there was a fabric wall to select your class materials. For all other classes, all the materials were included – just add creativity!

Pop-up shop. The pop-up shop featured exclusive Dear Handmade Life designs and items from select conference presenters. I created some special Craftcation pennants, Sew Yeah pennants, and Beach Please wall hangings for the shop.

Wanderings. On one of the nights, some of the craftcationers hosted themed rooms for everyone to visit, kind of like an art walk. Some had art for sale, group craft projects, fun cocktails, music…. I visted the quilt room (they had quilts on display and for sale), the flower power room (they had a crochet flower project and a plant drawing station), and the rainbow room (they had a rainbow themed pop-up shop and rainbow sherbet punch).

Extras. There were also dance parties and socials in the evening (I was le pooped each night though after being on for all my classes…), a photo taking station, art all over, fun stickers, food trucks, a photo walk/tour, ….

The outside! My friend/roomie Rebecca and I made sure to get some nature in. We even watercolored at the beach!

Community. I met so many lovely people and reunited with friends! This conference is all about the maker community!

See you next time! Amy Tangerine gave the closing keynote and in true closing keynote fashion wrapped up the conference in a way that left us inspired to continue creating, growing, and finding community.

Have you been to Craftcation? Share some highlights below!

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