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the bow room.

In celebration of Christmas and finally visiting the Bow Room at the Hello Kitty Grand Cafe in Irvine, I got my nails done Hello Kitty Christmas style! (My nail artist Masako is amaze!) Ready for all the holding cute Hello Kitty things photos!

The Bow Room serves tea during the day and fancy adult beverages at night. To get there you first pass through the Grand Cafe area which serves treats like donuts and cakes and sells Hello Kitty merchandise.

If the host isn’t at the entrance, you can knock on the golden bow door knocker to enter. And once inside…

Pink and gold bows er’where. So. Cute.

Tea time! For the afternoon tea, you get strawberries and cocoa cream, a selection of savory and sweet treats, your choice of tea (or other beverage for an extra fee), and jellies to complete the meal. I ordered the lychee peach tea; everyone enjoyed their tea selection!

It’s all in the details. Hello Kitty face plates, tea cups, sugar ‘cubes,’ butter stamp, cocoa face, three-tiered plate stand, tea pot, dish ware, …. I am ded.

The tea starts with a rather large serving of strawberries and cocoa cream. You bet I ate it all! It was tart and sweet, but not too rich.

Then scones, quiche, egg salad in a tiny waffle cone, an open face cucumber sandwich, a pesto tart (this was my fave), smoked salmon croissant, raspberry macaron, apple tart, mini cakes, and jellies. Yum!

My four year old me dreams coming true! I love my family for joining me in this experience! Do you do afternoon tea? Tell me your favorite afternoon tea spots below!

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Local markets are my kind of tourist attraction. Crafternoons are my favorite. Good food makes me dance.

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