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good stuff.

Hi. I worked on some stuff for FtF fans!

Baby Pennants.

My usual baby pennant pack got an upgrade (bigger flags!). I created these A’s theme monthly photo session pennants for my coworker’s new babe.

Lucky 13.

These pennants were a special request from one of my weaving students. She wanted to surprise her daughter and daughter’s friend with pennants for their 13th birthday. They picked them up at my SF Etsy Indie Holiday Emporium booth. She prepped a sort of scavenger hunt activity where they received gifts at certain booths. How cute!


Hubby’s tennis bros needed some FtF bling. “SPP” stands for San Pablo Park, their home court. “Fight!” is one of the sayings their teammate says during competitive matches. The next season doesn’t start until April but we ready!


My friend ordered a baby pennant pack and name pennant to gift to a friend. The color palette is everything.

Plant Daddy, Yaaas Queen.

Such fun custom wall hangings! I like when people ask me at shows if I have a certain phrase – spoiler alert: I usually don’t. But that’s why I do custom! 🙂 Both of these were special request phrases to gift.

Party Clips.

A booth visitor was drawn to my hair clips, but she wanted something bigger and more Havana Nights themed for a holiday party. I created hibiscus hair clips like the ones from my aloha garland project.

Wreath Trio.

And lastly, a trio of custom felt wreaths complete with poinsettias, green and pink rosettes, holly, and white blooms.

Thank you to all my Feed the Fish co supporters! I’m excited for all the projects to be made in 2020!

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