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The crafty ladies got together for one last crafty lady night for the year. This time it was extra extra with a botanical craft led by Angel, a potluck, and handmade gift exchange at our friend An Li’s studio space.

I set up the table with winter greenery and a macrame garland I made with a Modern Macrame pattern. Then Angel arrived with all the supplies for the botanical craft and I went to town with dotting the tablescape with height and color.

We made pomanders that night so we had a table full of smelling good spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, and cloves) and citrus. I couldn’t stop taking photos!

Before we started with snacks and crafts, and while waiting for additional guests to arrive, An Li gave us a studio tour. She has a studio for her screen printed apparel and a space for her ceramic making, and she shares the space with a few artists.

Snacks! For snacks we had 80% cookies, a Korean fruit salad, ricotta that was basically cheesecake, chips, …so many yummies!

Then pomanders! We studded our citrus with cloves. Some made patterns; others (like me) simply covered the orange in cloves. Then we created a dry spice mix to coat and desiccate our pomanders. (They have to hang out in a paper bag with the spices for one month to dry out.)

I’ve made pomanders once with Angel before but mine didn’t make it during the preserving phase. I’m hoping this time, I’m able to preserve it correctly so I can keep it for many years!

After crafts, we had a gift exchange. Everyone brought a handmade gift. We did it white elephant style, but no one wanted to steal anything because every gift was so good! I got three pairs of laser cut and hand painted earrings from my friend Min of Bottle of Clouds.

To close off the evening, a successful first take group photo! Yay!

Thank you to these lovelies for a wonderful crafty lady togetherness night! Hope you’re spending your winter days with all your favorite people!

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