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bath bombs and bon bons!

This year for birthmonth I celebrated with a chocolate factory tour, a picnic, a mini hike, a kava bar lounge session, and a bath bombs and bon bons party! The last mostly happened because I love alliteration. And themed celebrations. And crafts. 🙂

We had bon bon treats and ’90s jams all night. I found lots of bon bon options at Trader Joe’s (and I added edible shimmer to some of them for added fancy) and at a local chocolatier. I also found the tiniest plates for all the tiny foods.

My maker friend extraordinaire, Angel, hosted and taught the bath bomb part of the evening. I have the craftiest friends! Check out all these fun supplies. The scent of the different essential oils filled the room. Ahhh-roma therapy! Ready to craft! But first, a wefie to capture this Breaking Bad moment.


We started with a warm up craft: body oils. We filled these cute containers with base oils (I used sweet almond oil), Vitamin E (for a preservative), a few drops of rose hips, and an essential oil combination of our choosing (I chose lavender and peppermint).

Then, the main event: bath bombs! We sifted the dry ingredients – baking soda and citric acid – and mixed together the wet ingredients – witch hazel, safflower oil, essential oils, and natural colorings. Then, we got our hands (or gloves, rather) messy – we mixed the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients until the powder was completely colored. Then we packed the mixture into our molds.

For added fun: biodegradable glitter/shimmer, mini molds, and mixing colors!

Angel showed us a few ways to wrap and store the bath bombs, too. This was a super fun activity for birthmonth, and would also be a great handmade gift idea (hint, hint – Mom’s Day!), a fun DIY spa day with friends, or the start of a new business venture! 😉 Big hugs and thank yous to Angel for hosting and sharing bath bomb wisdoms! Have you dabbled in bath bomb making? What are your favorite scent combos? Share below!  

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