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craft beer and craft crafts.

This quarter’s Crafty Lady Night was at a brewery!

We enjoyed craft beers and craft crafts! This time we made yarn wrapped plant hangers and keychains.

This is a great project for on the go, and you don’t need that many materials. Plus, it’s a fun gift idea. Try it out and let me know what you think!

Here’s the how-to for the plant holders:

Materials: cotton cord, ring, assorted yarn, scissors

Cut at least 4 strands of cord, 5 feet in length. Fold all cords in half and place a ring at the midpoint (or tie an overhand knot).

Start with a foot of yarn. Fold yarn so there is a U with one short and one long end. Hold the strands securely on the cord and begin wrapping the cords with the long end of yarn. Wrap starting from the loose yarn end and ‘up’ towards the bottom of the U.

Place the long end through the bottom of the U. Hold the long end securely as you pull on the short end of the yarn. This will pull the bottom of the U inside the wrapped yarn.

Once snugly inside, pull on both ends of the yarn to tie a knot inside. Trim loose ends. You can also leave the short end if you want dangly yarn.

Repeat the wrapping process with different colors. Leave some cord ‘blank’ and continue wrapping the cord. Make sure to keep the cords parallel to each other (don’t let them get tangled). These wraps will be the part of the plant holder that holds the bottom of the plant container.

Trim cord to desired evenness and insert plant container.


For a keychain: Cut at least 2-4 strands of cord 1 foot in length, depending on the size of the key ring. Fold all cords in half and place the key ring at the midpoint. Attach the yarn in the same way as the plant holder.

Most friends opted for keychain and one brave soul made a plant holder!

Yarn crafts and craft lady meet ups for the win!

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