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costume contest.

Somebody won second place in a Yelp East Bay costume contest! Hint: it was us!

This year Hubby and I dressed up as a pair of cacti. (Unfiltered: We were a couple of pricks. :P) I was most excited about making our headpieces. For my headpiece, I created a large pink cactus flower on top of a cushion-shaped cactus. For Hubby’s, I went with more of a bunny ears cactus look. I decorated some of our green clothing with felt Vs. I used double sided tape so our clothes wouldn’t get ruined. I’m a big fan of making costumes with normal clothes, felt cut outs, and double sided tape!

We don’t normally go out for Halloween, but this year we went to a Yelp Elite event at East Brother Beer. There were cupcakes, tacos, pizza, and beer, plus all the fun costumes!

We met childhood friends Arnold and Helga, world renowned super hero fashion designer Edna Mode, Beast (as in ‘Beauty and the’), and a deer (an Oh Deer!). Our costume prize: a gift certificate to the brewery!

More costume photos!

Hope your Halloween celebrations were spoop-tacular!

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