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My window display at Mischief inspired a new workshop series: pajaki (pah-yong-kee) chandeliers with a modern twist!

Pajaki chandeliers are a traditional Polish folk craft designed to brighten up the home with bold spring blooms during the long winter. They are made with natural straw and paper is used to create pom pons and flowers. For my workshop series I’m teaching how to construct the chandeliers with paper straws and decorate them with felt flowers (the modern twist!) instead. Here are some snaps from the last workshop!

I begin class with pajaki construction. We pick out straws and coordinating paper and build the chandeliers together.

Then a brief lesson in felt flower making and a show-and-tell of different ways to complete the chandeliers.

Shop owner Julien constructed rope hangers in the studio space specifically for this class so our chandeliers could hang as we build them. Sweet!

Student work! 🙂 I’ll be back at Mischief at the end of the month to teach a yarn pom pon and tassel version of this workshop. You’re invited, obvi. Can’t wait!

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