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glazed and confused.

I went back to Play with Clay for the second step in my clay creations: glazing.

We found our pieces on the student shelves. Looking good…

We had a lesson in glazing, marked our pieces with our initials, and picked out our glaze colors. There were lots of colors and color variations to choose from. I went with more green/blue shades and decided to layer my colors to look like the tile glaze samples.

In it’s liquid glaze form, the color is not the final color, which is kind of confusing, but that’s science for you! My pieces will match the tile samples after another fire in the kiln.

I love glazing! It’s so simple and satisfying. I only had three pieces to glaze. I wish I had at least a dozen more pieces to dip. 🙂

After a second fire, here are my final pieces! My favorite of the three is the one on top. They turned out thicker than I was hoping for – something to work on should I do this again!

And with Connie’s, too! I love all the shape variations.

Hm, now what to use these for…. Have you dabbled in ceramics? What’s your favorite thing to make? Share below!

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