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spring into mischief.

This past weekend I set up my window display at Mischief in Oakland! Over the past few months I schemed, I sketched, and then cut, glued, and made it all come to life! 

Early sketches:

I created five pajaki chandeliers, nine felt flower bouquets filled with over sixty blooms, five fringe garlands, and lots of flower crowns for the two-window display.

Literally translated, pajaki means “spiders of straw.” Don’t Google “pajaki” on it’s own; always search for “pajaki chandeliers” – or you’ll be in for a frightening treat. You have been warned! O_o

The paper chandeliers are traditionally part of Polish Christmas celebrations, but they are so colorful and sweet, I think they should be around year-round, especially during the Spring! 

You’re seeing 40+ hours of work here (maybe more, I didn’t actually keep track, but I’m on season five of Parks and Recreation now)! I’m so excited that it all came together in the windows. As I was setting up, a customer came in and said “It’s so spring-y!” – Success!

Pajaki chandeliers are usually made with paper, but I wanted to showcase some of my other crafty talents, too. My chandeliers have the expected paper straws, beads, and paper discs, but I made all the extra decor with felt and yarn.

I wanted to fill the window floors, too, so I created lots of Spring blooms inspired by East Bay flowers. Plus, the flowers pair so nicely with the already-installed faux grass!

A huge thank you to my Hubby for letting me take over the living room and his bike rack to create my chandeliers (Fun fact: bike racks make good pajaki chandelier holders!), and for helping me with this install and all of these close up chandelier photos!

Pajaki 1 (above): Paper discs (double sided!), felt blooms, and pom pons with pink straws. Pajaki 2 (below): Rainbow rosettes, wooden beads, pom pons, a pom-tass, and golden straws = triple-decker chandelier!

Pajaki 3: Double-sided paper discs, felt balls, a tassel, simple felt flowers, and golden straws.

Pajaki 4: Orange felt flowers, cotton rope fringe, wooden beads, and golden straws.

Pajaki 5: Plump tassels, double-sided mini paper discs, a stacked tassel, and a straw assortment (including some from Starbucks!). This one is my fave of the five.

And all the bouquets close up!

I was inspired by ranunculus, California poppies, buttercups…

I used fish tank pebbles for the bottom of the vases, and floral foam for the rope basket arrangements.

Thank you to Team Mischief for working with me to make this project happen! I am beyond excited to have my work on display in your space!

My window is on display now thru May 19, and I’ll be back for a felt flower crown bar on May 4 to celebrate Mischief’s 2nd birthday and on May 19 to teach pajaki chandeliers! I hope you’ll get to visit! 🙂

Congrats, you made it to the end of the post!


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