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On my San Diego vacation with the fam, we went to Comic Con, tasted all the chocolate at Chuao, and ventured to Legoland, where everything is awesome.

My niece and nephews are still big Lego fans. It was my first time to visit Legoland, but they have been to Legoland many times before so they each got to show me their favorite parts. We spent the entire day there. OMG, I was ded, but it was fun!

We rode as many rides as we could. My brother-in-law got the Reserve n Ride pass so we could cut lines!

They have all kinds of carnival games (I played a few!) and some of the rides were more like interactive activities.

Of course, there were lots of structures made of Lego bricks. There is a mini land which features major U.S. cities, all the rides had some kind of Lego feature, and there was a Star Wars section with Lego scenes and characters.

You can tour a small scale Lego factory, see Master Builders in action, meet Lego characters, and even see all the sets of Lego Movie 2: the Second Part. That last one was my fave.

My niece’s favorite food in the park is the BBQ. We had a BBQ feast for lunch! My eldest nephew loves the apple fries – green apples cut like fries, deep fried, sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, and served with a dollop of whipped cream. Me? I had to try the churros – they were the thickest and fluffiest churros ever. And they were served con chocolate. Yum!

After a full day of Legoland (we looped the park twice!), everyone got a new Lego set at the gift shop. I opted for a Lego brick keychain. 🙂

Have you visited Legoland? Did you know the Calrsbad location has been around for 20 years? Wow!

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