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I went a on a Chuao factory tour! Chuao is a disc to bar chocolate company; they use Guittard chocolates for all their chocolate bars. I’ll admit I wasn’t as impressed because I’m a fan of bean to bar companies where they actually process the cacao, but, I was told the owner believes “white chocolate isn’t real chocolate” so I’m a fan! Also their churro chocolate bar is amazing.

To start the tour, our tour guide provided us with a Chuao history lesson and we tasted a bunch of samples. Then, a walk through of the factory (no phones/photos allowed). It’s an active factory so we got to see product being made and packaged. We even got some sneak peeks of seasonal chocolates, but I can’t tell you about them because it’s a secret. What I can tell you is that on our visit they were making Lego-shaped chocolates for Legoland and we got to taste them. How fun!

Fun fact: All the samples they pass out during tours are rejects (with slight imperfections that we can’t even see!). At the end of the day all the imperfect chocolate either go to tours, are bulked up and sold in the boutique, or are placed in bins for workers to take home. Sweet! We all got full sized chocolate bars as part of the tour, too.

After the tour my sister won another bar of chocolate for getting a Chuao trivia question correct! And then we did some shopping in the boutique. I got my fave – churro! – and some additional goodies to try. They have so many flavors and products I haven’t seen before in stores (like Moon bars, a collab with REI), and they have the best prices in the boutique compared to their retailers. Also fun – they host macrame events and other sweet camps at HQ.

Chuao is all about spreading joy; there’s even a giant JOY display outside.

Have you tasted all the Chuao chocolates? Which is your fave?

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Local markets are my kind of tourist attraction. Crafternoons are my favorite. Good food makes me dance.

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