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bead thangs.

As part of backyard birthday celebrations, in addition to tie dye festivities, my friend Angel led a beaded necklace craft.

Ooo, there were so many beads to choose from.

I ended up chosing matte black, white, cream, pinks, and gold. My go-tos.

For this project we used Miyuki Delica size 11/0 beads, beading wire, bead glue, and spring loaded jewelry connectors (the black line in the photos). For mine, I went freestyle, but you could also plan out a pattern.

Tahdah! I made a long necklace. It could also be a 5-wrap bracelet. It’s super delicate and fancy! 🙂

I’m always hesitant to use jewelry glue in my jewelry projects. I’m not fond of the smell, how if it gets on your skin it hurts, and I never trust that I will actually make my project sturdy for wear. But thanks to Angel (adult supervision!) I feel good about this project.

Bead much? Share what you like to make below!

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