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te fiti @ comic con.

On our second day at Comic Con we dressed up as Te Fiti and Te Ka, the island from Moana. I based my costume inspo off of the Funko Pop characters so accessories were on the cute side – ahem, Te Ka’s fires were adorable instead of menacing.

For Te Fiti I created so many flowers for the crown, dress, and a bag.

I also made Te Fiti’s heart with felt.

I found a green caftan dress and discovered armpit pads in case things got extra sweaty in San Diego (these are popular among stage performers!). I opted for gold sandals, did my hula hair so it was nice and fluffy, and added flowers to the base of the caftan. And of course I needed a purse to carry Comic Con goodies; I thought if a Hawaiian island had a purse it would be a straw bag for sure.

For Te Ka my nephew wore all black and splattered his top and bottom with red, orange, and yellow paint to look like lava. I made felt fire for him to wear all over.

On this day my niece and younger nephew joined in the festivities. My niece dressed up as Moana. I helped her make a necklace and a flower crown.

She painted the rock, I did the knots. She picked the flowers; I added the leaves. My sister fashioned her skirt from an old costume. We finished all the details in the hotel. Too bad we couldn’t get my youngest nephew to dress up like Hei Hei.

I suppose this is how you pose like an island.

See my other Comic Con costume post and recap, too. I’m inspired to start planing for Halloween!

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