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robin @ comic con.

I went to Comic Con with my nephew! He’s an aspiring director so I told him I would take him if we could wear costumes. Lucky for me, he loves this stuff. We got tickets for two days so we planned two outfits. On the first day it was my nephew’s idea to dress up as Robin and Steve from Stranger Things season 3! #scoopstroop

My sister made most of my nephew’s costume from thrift store finds and old clothes. I found most of my costume essentials online or in stores, and accessorized with some of my felt creations. My nephew found sailor hats at a thrift store so I cut out felt ‘AHOY’s and glued them on. I joked we could be the Filipino version if we just put HOY.

I had ice cream clips in my stash of cute felt things that I made a long time ago (My friend wore them when she was dessert for a Yelp Elite dress up event). And I made felt name tags – they were comically large, but worked!

For accessories I made a double chain necklace and used my hair ties as ‘leather’ bracelets. And shh, since I didn’t get to watch the whole season before Comic Con I didn’t know Robin had a black backpack, but I found a matching sailor stripe tote bag that I thought would work with the whole outfit.

My friend Laura helped me put together my sailor ‘cape’ with fabric remnants and a silk scarf I found online. Brilliant!

On the day of Comic Con we stopped at Starbucks on the way to the convention. Name? Robin. Of course. PS, note the bandage. It’s all in the details!

Throughout the day we got stopped for photos! I wish I had handed out my contact info so I could get all the photos but luckily my friend Tally Sue spotted us and snapped one, too. Ahoy!

Costumes were so fun to prepare for Comic Con! Do you enjoy dress up / costume days? Share what you’d wear to the big convention!

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