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Oh hi! If you’ve been wondering why all the blog posts have been lagging, it’s because I’ve been busy with hula! Spot me! 🙂


Last weekend I performed in my very first “large scale” Polynesian dance recital: “Ho’ike.” It was my third performance with my hālau hula, but for this event I was in six numbers (instead of the usual ‘one’)! In my experience in the performing arts I’ve never been in a production where I had so many costume changes, so this was a big deal! Here’s a recap plus behind the scenes memories from my Ho’ike experience.


Ho’ike was held at Henry Haight Elementary School in Alameda, in the cafetorium. We filled all these seats and more!


Our dressing room was the school hallway. I brought my trusty rolly cart, plus a clothing rack to stay organized.


There were local vendors selling Hawaiian goods (I bought so many flower hair clips before the show started!) and Hawaiian food.


While the crowd gathered, we prepped all of our costumes, took a few pre-show photos, and we all joined for a pre-show prayer.


I get to experience this all with my friend Cat. Plus, I’ve made some lovely dance friends!


Since we were both in so many numbers, we’ve both grown an awesome collection of head pieces and other dance accessories! Pretties close up!

All the costumes we wore were handmade for us – either by professionals or by us! I’ve learned how to make hula tops and I’ve practiced my sewing and alteration skillz. More behind the seams costume funs later!

So thankful for my cheering section (below)! My fam came up from SoCal and my Bay Area fambam emerged from all over the Yay to come see me perform. Mahalo nui loa!

In case you missed it, Hubby recorded some numbers for you! Can you spot me?
No Luna I Ka Halekai No Ka Ma’alewa / Makee ‘Ailana / ‘Ahiri / Ua Here Ho’i ‘Au ia ‘Oe / Karanga Tia Ra

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Local markets are my kind of tourist attraction. Crafternoons are my favorite. Good food makes me dance.

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