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rope basket.

I’m currently obsessed with baskets. I have a growing collection to hold my crafts, recycling, purses… You can use them everywhere.

I decided to make my own with glass jars (from the dollar store), rope, and some hot glue. To estimate the amount of rope, I did a practice wrap around the jar and added an extra foot just in case. I ended up using 23 feet of rope for these particular jars.

Start at the bottom of the jar and create a coil. Add a little hot glue directly on the glass and attach the rope. Then, add a little more glue to the glass and the attached rope to continue making a coil. As you reach the sides of the jar, continue adding glue to the glass and the attached rope and wrap the rope onto the jar.

You can create handles, too. Make an arch, then add glue to the jar to attach. Do the same for the other side, then continue wrapping the jar.

With any extra rope, you can create a cute little tassel of sorts. I wrapped the excess rope around the jar a couple of times then tied off the end of the rope to one of the handles and separated the rope strings for a tassel look.

Since it’s a glass jar it’s great for flowers, writing utensils, candy…

Time lapse! Enjoy my crafty thinking facial expressions.


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